______________________________ Yediot Ahronot calls on Israelis to sharpen their awareness of public corruption and reviews several prominent corruption cases. Hatzofeh asserts that recent anti-terrorist arrests prove that the Palestinian Authority security services have been directly involved in murderous terrorist attacks against Israel. The editors believe that, “Abu Mazen is a front for Hamas and for all of the terrorist organizations, just like the arch-murderer Arafat was.”

HEADLINES FROM THE HEBREW PRESS HA’ARETZ 1. Maj.-Gen. Naveh: Abdullah’s regime in danger. DIPLOMATIC CRISIS WITH JORDAN: DEMANDING STEPS AGAINST GOC CENTRAL COMMAND. 2. FIRST TIME: CHRISTIAN ORGANIZATION TO ACT AS PRO-ISRAEL LOBBY IN US. 3. Dialogue poll for Ha’aretz and Channel 10 News: KADIMA LOSES ONE SEAT, RIGHT STRENGTHENS AT LIKUD’S EXPENSE, LABOR STUCK. 4. Western world advances, Israel lags behind. COMPUTER FOR EVERY CHILD? IN THE MEANTIME, ONE FOR EVERY 12 CHILDREN. HATZOFEH 1. Yesterday: Knesset gives final approval to establishment of Amona uprooting inquiry commission. DEFEAT FOR OLMERT. Achievement for Right: Knesset House Committee proposal to establish parliamentary commission of inquiry into Amona uprooting approved 34-21. Decision empowers Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee to serve as inquiry committee into violent events; deliberations will be public. Committee to concentrate on functioning of political echelon ahead of decision to demolish structures. Olmert – After elections, I will have decision cancelled immediately. 2. MAJ.-GEN. YAIR NAVEH TO APOLOGIZE TO JORDAN. GOC Central Command said that “King Abdullah liable to be last Hashemite monarch”. Jordan dispatches diplomatic protest and Israel hurries to apologize. 3. POLL: NATIONAL UNION-NRP TAKING SEATS FROM LIKUD. According to Ha’aretz-Channel 10 News poll, party would win 11 seats, to Likud’s 14. 4. HANEGBI VS. MAZUZ: “PASSING JUDGEMENT WITHOUT TRIAL.” 5. ELDAD, EITAM AND ARIEL CONSIDERING PERSONAL SLANDER SUIT AGAINST OLMERT. MA’ARIV 1. Naveh and Kaplinsky: Abdullah and Mubarak regimes in danger. THE GENERALS WHO ANGERED EGYPT AND JORDAN. GOC Central Command: King Abdullah liable to be last of Hashemite dynasty. Deputy Chief-of-Staff: First signs that Mubarak’s rule is shaky. Egypt and Jordan demand: Take steps against generals. 2. DISENGAGING FROM CIVICS CLASSES. Students in Judea and Samaria boycotting mandatory civics classes. 3. AFFAIRS NOT HURTING KADIMA. 41%: Olmert’s conduct in sale of his home – kosher. Kadima – 40 seats; Labor – 20, Likud – 15. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. NAVEH STORM. GOC Central Command Yair Naveh severely embarrasses Israel: “Hamas liable to topple Jordanian regime and Abdullah will be last monarch.” Jordan: Irresponsible, he should resign. Israel apologizes. 2. “GIANT TERRORIST ATTACK IN ISRAEL THIS YEAR.” Security sources: Al Qaeda has chosen Israel as preferred target in 2006. Danger: Thousands killed in one action.