HEADLINES FROM THE HEBREW PRESS HA’ARETZ 1. Today: Thousands of soldiers and police to begin evacuation of 2,100 people barricading themselves in Sa-Nur and Homesh. JEWISH SETTLEMENTSOF GAZA STRIP EVACUATED. Disturbances in Kedumim: Approximately 100 rioters detained yesterday near Kedumim, including Daniella Weiss. (.). Preparing for battle: Homesh filled yesterday by sound of hammers, Sa-Nur waiting for ‘reinforcements.’ Summary of Gaza dead: Since occupation of Gaza Strip, 230 Israelis and approximately 2,600 Palestinians have been killed. 2. POLL: SHARON NOW LEADS NETANYAHU. 3. DISENGAGEMENT AUTHORITY VS. SETTLERS: ARE GAZA STRIP EVACUEES BEING LOOKED AFTER PROPERLY? HATZOFEH 1. Gush Katif: Established by the late Yitzhak Rabin, demolished by Ariel Sharon. Homesh and Sa-Nur in northern Samaria due to be uprooted today. GUSH KATIF DEMOLISHED. After residents of Netzarim were expelled yesterday, uprooting of Jewish settlement in Gaza Strip was completed. Thirty-five years of pioneering and Zionism were cut down at peak of their glory. Uprooting of residents of Netzarim, in contrast to fears, passed with exemplary quiet as soldiers and settlers wept together. Settlers left their homes carrying Torah scrolls and seven-branched menorahs. Demolition of communities proceeding apace. 2. Police lies: No roadblocks – but the truth: SIEGE ON KEDUMIM. For over a week, Israel Police has been laying siege to Kedumim, community with thousands of residents. Police denies but spot check revealed roadblock in which Jewish drivers are checked. 3. “YOU ARE A CORRUPT, CRUEL AND HEARTLESS MAN.” This was only part of the ‘protests’ PM received in Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. MK Eitam: “We will exact political revenge.” MA’ARIV 1. 22.8.05: End of Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip. MAIN CONCERN: HOMESH. Yesterday: Last settlers were evacuated from Gaza but real test will be today in Sa-Nur and Homesh. Approximately 10,000 police and soldiers to confront approximately 2,000 right-wing activists equipped with gas canisters, acid, smoke grenades, etc. 2. CHANGE IN TREND: SHARON OVERTAKES BIBI – 36% VS. 28%. Thus arises from poll held among Likud members. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Today: Concern over harsh violence in evacuation of Sa-Nur and Homesh. CHIEF-OF-STAFF: WE WILL IMMEDIATELY SILENCE ANYONE WHO OPENS FIRE. Calming messages arrived from settlers last night: We will not fire on evacuation forces. Adults in Sa-Nur in effort to prevent violent barricading on roof: Removed ladders, oil and chemicals. But hilltop youth rabbi warns: We have lost control over them. 2. YEDIOT AHRONOT POLL AMONG EVACUEES: FAILING GRADE TO YESHA LEADERS AND RABBIS. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot refers to today’s scheduled evacuation of Homesh and Sa-Nur and asserts that, “The disengagement will be completed,” but warns that, “The State of Israel will not forgive those who try to dictate a bad and bitter ending to the disengagement.” The editors call on the parents, teachers and rabbis of the young people barricading themselves in Homesh and Sa-Nur to urge the young people to show responsibility and act with restraint. The paper urges those who led the opposition to the Disengagement Plan to now promote communal dialogue and concentrate on healing the rifts. Hatzofeh predicts that the upcoming Knesset winter session will decide to bring forward the next elections since, “The majority of the Knesset has reached the conclusion that Sharon’s government is no longer fit to continue in office and lead the country given its many failures.” Yediot Ahronot, in its third editorial, says that, “The disengagement has proven the rule that when the government shows determination, there is no laxness in the implementation. The success of the operation gives post facto approval to the correctness of Halutz replacing Yaalon as Chief-of-Staff. It has become clear that when the Chief-of-Staff is determined and properly prepares the army for its mission, the IDF wins on all fronts of the disengagement.” Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, comments on former Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent resignation and asserts that, “Foreign investors’ enthusiastic reto the disengagement unequivocally refutes Netanyahu’s regular mantra that there is no connection between Israel’s policy and its economy.” BPI-info