HA’ARETZ 1. ISRAEL APPROVES DEPLOYMENT OF HUNDREDS OF ARMED POLICEMEN IN WEST BANK. Senior IDF source: Arrangement designed to strengthen PA before transfer of additional cities. 2. ESCALATION IN NORTH: IDF DESTROYS HIZBULLAH POSITIONS IN RESPONSE TO SHELLING. 3. TODAY: CABINET TO DISCUSS HARDENING OF IMMIGRATION POLICY. 4. AS OF TODAY: YUVAL DISKIN ISA DIRECTOR. Will replace Avi Dichter; deputy will be Y., who has served as head of Jerusalem district for past 18 months. HATZOFEH 1. Expanding protests against disengagement: Blocking of greater TA highways planned for tomorrow. HUNGER STRIKE AGAINST DISENGAGEMENT PLAN OPPOSITE SHARON’S OFFICE. Members of anti-disengagement student group at country’s universities and colleges to begin strike today in tent that they will set up opposite PM’s Office. At 14:00, students will have “last meal” in tent that they intend to stay in during strike – for a long time, according to plan. “Struggle isn’t sectoral, but one of all students, religious and secular, who represent main part of people,” according to student representatives. 2. Combat jets attack Hizbullah targets following Katyusha fire. TENSE WEEKEND ON NORTHERN BORDER. Several Katyushas fired at Mt. Dov sector. Israel: Lebanese government must pacify terrorist organizations operating on border. 3. F-15’S INTERCEPT LIGHT PLANE AND FORCE IT TO LAND AT IDF BASE. 4. COMPLAINT AGAINST INTERFERENCE BY FOREIGN MINISTER IN WASHINGTON APPOINTMENTS. MA’ARIV 1. THE AMBASSADOR VS. JUDY. Ambassador in US appeals to Attorney-General Mazuz: Foreign Minister’s wife brought about dismissal of my personal secretary. Minister’s Bureau: Ridiculous. 2. “HUNDREDS OF PALESTINIANS WILL RECEIVE ISRAELI CITIZENSHIP.” Today: Cabinet expected to approve large scale family unification for Israeli Arabs with spouses from West Bank and Gaza Strip. 3. OLMERT: BIBI HAS BECOME UNBALANCED. Netanyahu’s confidants: Olmert is sick. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Today: Yuval Diskin to replace Avi Dichter as Israel Security Agency Director. NEW ISA DIRECTOR. Considered inventor of eliminations. Was #1 liaison with Palestinian intelligence. Writes poetry and is philosophy enthusiast. (.). 2. THE SPAT. In wake of Yediot Ahronot report on reign of terror by Anne Ayalon, US’s wife, Civil Service Commission is sending special investigator to Washington. Ambassador Ayalon accuses FM Silvan Shalom and his wife Judy: They have decided to fire me. Background: Dismissal of ambassador’s 24-year-old secretary, Liran Petersil. 3. “I SUDDENLY SAW COMBAT JETS STREAKING TOWARDS ME.” Pilot who scrambled Air Force recounts drama over the sea en route home from Crete. 4. BENIZRI TO BE ACCUSED OF RECEIVING BRIBE FROM CONTRACTOR SELA. In wake of Yediot Ahronot investigation: Attorney-General Mazuz to accept State Prosecutor’s Office recommendation to try former minister. 5. Against orders. SON OF MAJ.-GEN. RON-TAL GOES TO GUSH KATIF. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot commends the appointment of ISA Director Yuval Diskin, who is due to be sworn in today, and believes that he is more than capable of dealing with the many challenges facing the ISA. Hatzofeh refers to the recent upsurge in Hizbullah shelling and says that, “Residents of the Galilee may now learn how the residents of the Gaza Strip feel, under the rule of a prime minister who still believes with all his heart that ‘Restraint is strength’.” The editors complain that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is thus conceding propaganda victories to Hizbullah ahead of the upcoming Lebanese elections. Hatzofeh, in its second editorial, alleges that Ha’aretz’s coverage of the issue of the Palestinian Authority’s commitment to collect illegal weapons has been inaccurate and misleading. BPI-infp