HA’ARETZ 1. IRAQI ELECTIONS SURPRISE: VOTERS STREAMED TO POLLING PLACES DESPITE TERRORIST ATTACKS. 2. UNDER US PRESSURE, ISRAEL ANNOUNCES: WE WILL RECONSIDER EXPROPRIATION OF PALESTINIAN LAND IN EASTERN JERUSALEM. 3. Rightwing protest. ACTIVISTS IN THEIR MYRIADS CAME TO DEMONSTRATION BUT ANGER WAS VISIBLE ONLY ON MARGINS. 4. HEBREW UNIVERSITY: PARTS OF FILM THE SPECIALIST ABOUT EICHMAN – FORGERIES. HATZOFEH 1. At largest ever demonstration, masses signed commitment to go to Gush Katif on day of disengagement. APPROXIMATELY 250,000 AGAINST SHARON’S DICTATORSHIP AND TRANSFER. At demonstration opposite Knesset, demonstrators demanded that democratic steps be taken and that people be allowed to decide on disengagement plan in referendum or elections. “History will judge Sharon and all those who didn’ t come to defend democracy,” they said. Demonstration to continue for 24 hours and end this evening. 2. SUPREME COURT DECIDES: FAHIMA WILL NOT BE RELEASED TO HOUSE ARREST. MA’ARIV 1. SHOW OF FORCE. Approximately 130,000 people gathered last night opposite Knesset in gigantic demonstration, one of the largest ever in Jerusalem, against Disengagement Plan and in favor of referendum. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. Show of force opposite Knesset by disengagement opponents. 150,000-STRONG DEMONSTRATION. Settlers took off gloves vis-?-vis Sharon: Waved hundreds of signs: “Dictator”, “Nebuchadnezzar”, and “Titus.” 2. PERES’S NAP. Ministers: His eyes were shut for 15 minutes during Cabinet meeting. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, suggests that Hamas’s strong showing in the recent municipal elections in the Gaza Strip should not overly perturb Israelis. The editors believe that having to deal with mundane municipal matters, which necessarily involve contact with the IDF, will tame the organization and remind their readers that, “Not for nothing did Hamas-abroad oppose Hamas-in-the-territories entering the political game.” Hatzofeh says that, “There is no doubt that the decisive majority of the Israeli public would want to see the elected Palestinian leadership turn over a new leaf and take part in defeating terrorism in all its aspects but we have already seen Palestinian policemen exchange uniforms and join all of the militant terrorist organizations and also exploit their position in order to help terrorism in every way possible.” The editors urge the security services to be vigilant, “and not to be dragged along by politicians’ wishful thinking.” Yediot Ahronot hopes that the IDF and ISA will be far better prepared when the Palestinian security services are allowed to re-establish control of towns in Judea and Samaria than they were when the Palestinians previously controlled them. The editors call for much improved coordination and liaison networks. BPI-info