21,03,2004 HA’ARETZ 1. SHARON TO ASK LIKUD MINISTERS: DO YOU HAVE AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE DISENGAGEMENT PLAN? There will be no vote; Sharon wants to hear Ministers’ opinions. PM supports evacuation of Gaza and several West Bank settlements. If ministers oppose, Sharon will consider Gaza withdrawal only. Likud Party Central Committee members pressuring ministers to oppose. Weisglass will leave for US tomorrow for talks on compensation for disengagement. No referendum before government discussion. 2. Shooting attack in Jerusalem: Mistaken identity. ARAFAT’S BUREAU CALLED TO APOLOGISE FOR KHOURY’S MURDER. 3. Knesset: 2002 law still not implemented. RULES ISA OPERATES WITH ARE NO LONGER LEGAL. 4. TWO ISRAELIS SUSPECTED OF SELLING WEAPONS TO IRAN. This is the third time that Eli Cohen and his brother in law, Avihai Weinstein, are under suspicion of committing similar crimes.

5. 8-YEAR-OLD GIRL FROM KHAN YUNIS KILLED BY IDF FIRE WHILE PLAYING IN HER GARDEN. Girl was injured two days ago, and died yesterday from her injuries; IDF: Was “warning fire”. HATZOFEH 1. Son of Palestinian attorney murdered in shooting attack in capital. “SORRY, IT WAS A MISTAKE; WE THOUGHT HE WAS A SETTLER.” George Khoury, a young Palestinian, was murdered on Friday night in shooting attack as he went for a jog in French Hill. Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade: We apologise to the family – the victim is a “martyr.” Grandfather murdered in 1975 bomb attack. (…). 2. TENSION IN RIGHT: NETANYAHU “WILL BREAK HIS SILENCE” ON DISENGAGEMENT AT LIKUD MINISTERS MEETING. Sharon to tell his party’s ministers that IDF was persuaded to support the plan – even though most general staff members oppose it. In contravention of previous reports: Date for Bush-Sharon meeting has not been set. 3. MINISTER FROM BUSH’S CHURCH TOURED HEBRON AND GUSH KATIF. MA’ARIV 1. “Israelis sold military equipment to Iran.” CONCERN: WEAPONS ROUTE FROM BINYAMINA TO IRAN. In recent weeks, there has been a secret and joint investigation by US Department of Homeland Security and Israel Police. Suspicions: Leib Cohen, a Jew from Brooklyn, and Eli Cohen, an Israeli merchant, smuggled parts of missiles and planes to Iranian army. In raid on warehouse in Binyamina, Hawk missile parts were seized. 2. TAX REDUCTION – ALREADY THIS YEAR. 3. FATAH: SORRY THAT WE KILLED HIM. “We planned to kill a Jew,” announced terrorists who infiltrated quiet Jerusalem neighborhood on Friday night. But bullets hit George Khoury, an Arab-Israeli student. Terrorists also murdered George’s grandfather 29 years ago. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. WARNING: DON’T TRAVEL TO SINAI OR ISTANBUL. Ahead of Passover holiday: Counter-terrorism HQ publishes blacklist of 32 world targets that are dangerous for Israelis. 2. TENNENBAUM REQUESTS HYPNOSIS TEST. In order to “reveal everything I know.” Police to ask that his investigation be extended for seven days. 3. SHARON: NO GOING BACK ON DISENGAGEMENT PLAN. Today, will ask Likud ministers who oppose: Do you have another solution? ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot refers to the results of the recent Spanish elections and the latest wave of demonstrations against the war in Iraq and asserts that, “The lesson that arises from Europe and the US itself is the same – and it should be well-known to us: An administration that leads its people into a pointless war will pay the price.” Hatzofeh discusses Jordanian King Abdallah II’s secret meeting with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon at the latter’s Negev ranch last Thursday and remarks that, “Mubarak, Abdallah, the Americans and the Palestinians: Sharon has discussed his disengagement plan with all of them – but not with the Israeli government, his government.” The editors suggest that the story of the meeting was deliberately given to Yediot Ahronot, “in the context of revenge measures against Ma’ariv for reporting on the links between Sharon and [Elhanan] Tennenbaum.” Breuer Péter BPI