3,03,2004 HA’ARETZ 1. TENNENBAUM POSSESSED SECRET DOCUMENTS – AND IS THEREFORE SUSPECTED OF ESPIONAGE. Concern in investigation: He “withstood lie detector test.” 2. SEARCHES IN TEL AVIV, AND ALERT LEVEL REMOVED. Streets closed and roads combed following warnings that terrorists had reached the city. 3. IDF: IF “PHILADELPHIA” IS EVACUATED, WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PREVENT KATYUSHAS BEING LAUNCHED AT ASHKELON. HATZOFEH 1. Following hours-long chase after terrorist wearing explosive belt SECURITY FORCES THWART MASSIVE TERROR ATTACK IN TEL AVIV. Long traffic jams throughout city during the day. Searches focused on south of city and area around old central bus station. High alert levels removed in evening. Ban on publication issued.

2. PRESIDENT: “I CALL FOR NOT PUTTING RELIGIOUS SOLDIERS IN DILEMMA OF OBEYING RABBI OR COMMANDER.” 3. US ADMINISTRATION TO SHARON: DON’T RUSH TO EVACUATE GAZA SETTLEMENTS; WAIT FOR US ELECTIONS. 4. ORDER TO EVACUATE SIX OUTPOSTS WITHIN 72 HOURS. MA’ARIV 1. Expose: Sharon’s family dealings with Tennenbaum’s family. THE CONNECTION. For many months the country has been asking itself why the Prime Minister has been personally fighting, intensely and stubbornly, for Elhanan Tennenbaum’s release in return for hundreds of terrorists, and why he asked that he be treated with kids gloves. Ma’ariv reveals: Ariel Sharon learned agricultural secrets from Tennenbaum’s father-in-law and was a friend of his. Lily Sharon managed “Shikmim” company, which was owned by her and the father-in-law, for over two decades. Company marketed Shikmim farm produce. Why did Prime Minister remain silent? Sharon: I didn’t know. 2. TENNENBAUM: ARIK’S DOOR IS ALWAYS OPEN TO THE FAMILY. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. TENNENBAUM DID NOT TELL THE WHOLE TRUTH IN LIE DETECTOR TEST. After 8-hour lie detector test, police estimate: Tannenbaum is hiding information. 2. FORGERY: LOVER’S PICTURE ON WIFE’S IDENTITY CARD. Suspicion: Tennenbaum received mortgage for Raymonda Fisher, one of his lovers, through forgery. 3. MASSIVE TERROR ATTACK THWARTED IN TEL AVIV. After hours of checkpoints and traffic jams, huge hunt ended yesterday. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Yediot Ahronot suggests that the Bush administration, “is still far from satisfied from the Israeli Prime Minister’s disengagement plan,” and ventures that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will not be invited to the White House until the Americans are completely clear on the details of the plan. The editors assert that, “When the details of the plan are unveiled and it becomes clear to all and sundry that he has decided on, and will implement, his intentions at any price, Sharon’s current government will break up,” because, “Lieberman and Eitam, and their parties, will launch all-out war on Sharon and his ideas, and then, what then?” The paper believes that Prime Minister Sharon should be concerned over the number of Likud MKs who might not support him in such an eventuality. Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, calls on Israel and the world to be very suspicious of Iran’s nuclear intentions and subject Teheran to strict scrutiny, especially in light of revelations that a Pakistani nuclear scientist may have sold his services abroad. Yediot Ahronot, in its third editorial, comments on the controversy surrounding Elhanan Tennenbaum and says that, “The absurdity is that his family was paid because of him. And if it proves to be impossible to put him on trial, it is likely that it will also prove to be impossible to legally reduce his rank to private. In the current situation, he is liable to ask to light one of the torches on Independence Day.” Hatzofeh discusses the recent Finance Ministry report on salaries of senior civil servants in 2002. The editors ask: “Why throw salt on the wounds of poor workers? Why outrage them with revelations about huge salaries when thousands of religious council employees are borrowing money to buy bread?” The paper asserts that, “NRP ministers must stop threatening coalition crises and simply quit the ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ government,” and adds that, “Instead of sending letters to the prime minister, they must get out of this government, which is down on the weak, and the sooner the better.”