(…). 2. ISRAEL DECIDES: “GRACE PERIOD” FOR ABU ALA. 3. IN CONTRAVENTION OF ATTORNEY GENERAL’S DIRECTIVE: ADDITIONAL CONSTRUCTION IN OUTPOSTS. 4. HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE: FREEDOM OF SPEECH ALSO APPLIES TO “JENIN, JENIN.” HATZOFEH 1. (…). HUMANA CO, ADMITS: WE WERE WRONG; REMEDIA: WE DENY RESPONSIBILITY. (…). 2. ACCELERATED PALESTINIAN CONSTRUCTION IN HEBRON AROUND JEWISH NEIGHBORHOODS. For three months, Palestinian Authority and international bodies have been financing expedited construction and improvement of old and abandoned homes in Hebron, near Jewish neighborhoods and homes. Goal: To “strangle” Jewish community with hundreds of Palestinian families. 3. ISRAELI CONNECTED TO CYRIL KERN AFFAIR TO BE EXTRADITED TO ISRAEL FROM AUSTRIA. 4. INVESTIGATION OF EIN YABRUD INCIDENT: BATTALION AND COMPANY COMMANDERS TO BE DISMISSED. 5. EXPOSE: ISRAELI SATELLITE THAT WILL BE LAUNCHED FROM PLANE. 6. SHARON: I SENT ISA DIRECTOR TO TRY AND LOCATE RON ARAD. 7. SOLDIERS OUTRAGED: COURT APPROVES SCREENING OF MENDACIOUS FILM “JENIN, JENIN.” 8. SECURITY REPORT: TEMPLE MOUNT MOSQUES SERVE AS CENTERS OF ANTI-US INCITEMENT. 9. APPARENT END TO SANCTIONS AT GOVERNMENT OFFICES. MA’ARIV 1. (…). THE ACCUSED. (…). 2. EIN YABRUD SCREW-UP: DUKHIFAT COMMANDER TO BE DISMISSED. Investigation of ambush in which three soldiers were killed reveals severe faults at every level, “from OC Central Command on down.” Among errors: Company commander was not trained as company commander, commanders were complacent. Bereaved parents outraged: “IDF killed our boys.” 3. AMI AYALON SURPRISES: ONLY THE LIKUD CAN. Former ISA Director: Left must not come to power. 4. SYRIAN INTELLIGENCE ALSO INTERROGATED TANNENBAUM. In addition to Iranian intelligence and Hizballah. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. (…). “REMEDIA KNEW – AND OVERLOOKED,” is main suspicion police are investigating. 2. “BOYCOTT THEODORAKIS.” Anger in Israel over famous Greek composer’s declaration that “Jews are the root of evil.” ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Hatzofeh asserts that, “It is impossible to ignore the fact that Abu Ala is a prisoner in Yasser Arafat’s hands, thus the regime essentially remains under the control of the head of the PLO.” The editors conclude that, “Therefore, the time is not right to establish a second ceasefire between Israel and Abu Ala’s new government.” Yediot Ahronot condemns the apathy demonstrated in the Remedia scandal and says that there is, “No [worthy] punishment or price for the life of a child.” Yediot Ahronot, in its second editorial, mourns the murder of an innocent couple from Hadera on Monday in a gangland war. Yediot Ahronot, in its third editorial, comments on reports of increased anti-Semitism in Europe. Yediot Ahronot, in its fourth editorial, says that the closure of the company responsible for producing Zyklon B gas came “65 years too late.” Yediot Ahronot, in its fifth editorial, asks why Prime Minister Ariel Sharon would have to prepare for so many hours for the investigation into the Cyril Kern affair if “everything was ok.” BPI.