PM’s office expediting widest-ranging community establishment initiative within Green line since establishment of Galilee communities approximately 25 years ago. 2. TODAY: SHARON AND ABU MAZEN TO DISCUSS PRISONER RELEASE TIMETABLE. 3. HEALTH MINISTRY: “FINANCE MINISTRY IS ALOOF.” FINANCE MINISTRY: “IMAGINARY CRISIS.” 4. Security: IDF position at committee of inquiry on pre-Iraq war intelligence – We were not wrong. IDF INTELLIGENCE BRANCH BELIEVES: WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION HIDDEN IN IRAQ OR SYRIA. 5. JENIN GOVERNOR ABDUCTED BY ARMED FATAH TERRORISTS – AND RELEASED ON ARAFAT’S ORDERS. HATZOFEH 1. Sharon and Abu Mazen to meet today in Jerusalem, but security establishment is concerned over HOT WARNINGS OF INTENTION TO KIDNAP SOLDIERS AND CIVILIANS. Military Police stepping up highway patrols in order to prevent soldiers from hitchhiking. Palestinian PM to demand that Sharon release many more Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists than latter intends. 2. FATHER OF SHALHEVET PAS AND HIS BROTHER-IN-LAW ARRESTED ON SUSPICION OF SECURITY CRIMES AGAINST PALESTINIANS. 3. LATE NIGHT DISCUSSION ON HEALTH CRISIS. 4. MARCHES IN SOLIDARITY WITH SINGLE-PARENT FAMILIES LEAVE HAIFA FOR JERUSALEM. MA’ARIV 1. HEALTH MINISTRY SHOUTING: “WHOEVER DOESN’T HAVE MONEY WILL DIE.” “Respirators will stop working,” doctors say. Finance Ministry: You have a lot of money in the till. 2. Foreign Minister confirms Ma’ariv expose: We received secret message from Damascus. “ASSAD SHOULD COME TO JERUSALEM,” if he agrees to dismantle terror infrastructures and conduct negotiations without preconditions. 3. HANDCUFFS ON THE FATHER. Two years ago, Yitzhak Pas carried body of his infant daughter Shalhevet, who was murdered by terrorists. On Thursday, handcuffed, was arrested on suspicion of what was termed “security crimes.” 4. “HALF OF ALL DRAFTEES HAVE NOT VISITED WESTERN WALL.” Thus senior officer reveals. YEDIOT AHRONOT 1. LARGE FAMILIES: WE ARE ALSO EMBARKING ON STRUGGLE – following August cut in child-support payments. Night negotiations aimed at resolving health crisis. 2. 650,000 ISRAELIS LIVING ABROAD. Assessment: Approximately 500,000 emigres – business people, students and tourists. 3. SUSPICION: ACTS OF REVENGE. Yitzhak Pas, whose infant daughter was murdered by sniper in Hebron approximately two years ago, arrested on suspicion of perpetrating actions against Palestinians. Brother-in-law, Matti Shavu, arrested along with him. 4. “OMRI [SHARON] WILL BE QUESTIONED SOON,” over Kern affair, according to police assessment. ______________________________ SUMMARY OF EDITORIALS FROM THE HEBREW PRESS Hatzofeh discusses the corruption that – it alleges – is rampant in the health system and calls on Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to back down in his effort to enforce reforms. Yediot Ahronot comments “Bashar Assad feels the Americans breathing down his neck, and is attempting to make peace gestures in order to reduce the threat of real or cold war against him.” The editors advise that Israel should not rush things but, at the same time, should not allow such an opportunity to pass. The paper asserts that the US will not be able to follow its policy against Iraq for much longer, and urges the government to respond while “time is still on our side.” BPI.