Response to Palestinian Claims Regarding Shop Hit During IDF Operation in Jabalya Refugee Camp

During an IDF operation last night in the Jabalya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip, IDF forces were securing the alleys in which searches were conducted after weapons.

Massive gunfire was opened toward the IDF forces during the searches and anti-tank missiles were launched at those who were situated close to the buildings inside the alley. Two powerful explosive devices were also detonated toward the IDF forces from within the buildings. One of the devices was detonated inside a store and caused the door to fly out and hit an IDF armored vehicle. The detonation of the two explosive devices caused great damage to the two buildings in which the devices were detonated. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit wishes to emphasize that the claims about IDF tank shells fired toward the buildings, causing a great number of casualties, are unfounded. The great number of casualties resulted from the explosive charges that were detonated. The detonation of explosive charges from within stores once again illustrates the cynical use the Palestinian terror organizations make of the Palestinian civilian population.